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Kneady AF [pronounced needy.]

many of us, understandably, deny our needs out of fear of being too needy.

for too long you put others before you. you placed their mask on before your own. you continuously poured from your cup and now it’s empty.

thats who you used to be, now you’re at a place where youre ready to pour into yourself. maybe you dont know how to do that. no worries!


This community is for those who’ve lost themselves due to pouring in the others and want to return home

To self.

Your kneads matter. Needs can’t be wrong because they’re what you require to be healthy, safe, fulfilled, and happy.


A space for individuals who are Kneady AF when it comes to their

💜 self-care


💜 self-love



I must warn you that once you become unapologettically KNEADY AF, there’s no going back. you’ll never be the same (and thats the point!)


We will provide you with resources to fill your Kneady AF toolbox:

💜 Journal Prompts

💜 Weekly Kneady Activities

💜 Meditation

💜 Yoga


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